What my Clients Say…

A very skilled coach, Jonathan entirely tailored his approach to what worked for me as an individual. Extremely generous with his time, he started with helping me to gain a profound and accurate insight into my behaviour, before taking me on a remarkable journey… I am hugely appreciative of Jonathan’s contribution.

Alex Brans

I’ve worked with Jonathan on and off for 20 years. His understanding and compassion always leaves me feeling empowered; he’s unfailingly enthusiastic and exciting to talk to, and he helps me take my ideas and aspirations to the next level. Jonathan’s a great listener and quickly helps me sort out what really matters and what doesn’t. He’s so sharp – there’s no hiding anything from that man – but he is FULL of love.

Jess Brohn

Jonathan is a deeply committed and generous human being and his coaching comes with such a level integrity that I found I could always count on him to say it how it is! I have known him for many years and recently he took on coaching me at a point when I felt confused and overwhelmed by my options. His teaching and coaching have proved totally invaluable. I am truly grateful for his insight, compassionate directness and ability to sift through the overwhelm to get to the point. Thank you Jonathan!

Leonie Gordon

Jonathan’s teaching and coaching have proved totally invaluable. Somehow he is able to hold up a mirror so that you can really see what you’re doing and how you’re working. For me, it’s translated into huge leaps in self-belief, becoming unstuck, effective and taking action in creating the life that I want. For that I could not be more grateful.

Iria Lopez

Jonathan is an excellent coach, and I’ve worked with him over many years. Several times over he has helped me make important personal and professional breakthroughs. He has challenged, supported, and inspired me throughout our sessions in his subtle, impactful way.

Valerie Michie

What was particularly impressive was how you kept driving me to believe I could do more… You made it possible for me to commit to a bigger game, and held my feet to the fire whenever I thought about backing off. That’s what made the difference. Thank you especially for your friendship and believing in me.

Kevin Morgan

Jonathan Stanley is a special being whose wisdom is badly needed… Would I grab an opportunity to work with Jonathan again? You bet!

Smita Joshi

Jonathan always proves to be very insightful, never afraid to deal with issues head on. Prepare to be challenged!

Nigel Major

Jonathan is an inspirational, grounded individual who never fails to deliver exceptional results… I recommend his practical, results driven approach.

Nick Harley

Jonathan has a warm and generous personality, gives freely of his time and his deep commitment to high professional standards shines through. It doesn’t take much digging to find his incisive mind, keen intellect and willingness to engage at all levels. I would work with him again at any time.

John Keegan

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