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About me

Who am I, and why do I coach? Would we work together well? And what’s the best job I ever had?


About you

Over the years I’ve worked with all kinds of people, on all kinds of challenges. I’ve gradually come to specialise in three areas.

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About coaching

What is coaching? What’s different about how I coach? How would we actually work together?

Understand More

Jonathan is an inspirational, grounded individual who never fails to deliver exceptional results… I recommend his practical, results driven approach.

Nick Harley

Jonathan’s teaching and coaching have proved totally invaluable. Somehow he is able to hold up a mirror so that you can really see what you’re doing and how you’re working. For me, it’s translated into huge leaps in self-belief, becoming unstuck, effective and taking action in creating the life that I want. For that I could not be more grateful.

Iria Lopez

I’ve worked with Jonathan on and off for 20 years. His understanding and compassion always leaves me feeling empowered; he’s unfailingly enthusiastic and exciting to talk to, and he helps me take my ideas and aspirations to the next level. Jonathan’s a great listener and quickly helps me sort out what really matters and what doesn’t. He’s so sharp – there’s no hiding anything from that man – but he is FULL of love.

Jess Brohn

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