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There’s no ‘right’ kind of person for coaching, but I believe there are a couple of things that are necessary if coaching is going to work.

First, you have to actually want something to be different. It could be ‘the way I am’, or ‘the way my life is’; or it could just be ‘the way I feel’. But if you want everything to stay just as it is, what would you want coaching for?

Secondly, you have to be willing to do the work to have things be different. You have to be willing to question yourself, and to be challenged. You have to be willing to try on new ideas, new perspectives, new ways of looking at the world. That can be uncomfortable! The good news is that when it starts to get uncomfortable, that usually means that life is about to look wonderfully, magically different!

I’ve worked with all kinds of people, on all kinds of challenges.  But in the last few years, I’m working with more people who are asking big questions, important questions about their life. Questions like these:

How do I make it work?

You’re successful. You’re well-paid, and you’re proud of what you’ve achieved.

But there’s a cost; and you, your partner, your family pay the price. Relationships can suffer. Maybe you’ve put on weight, or your kids are growing up & you’re missing it.

Your job is eating your life. Is there a way to make it all work?

What do I do now?

Sometimes life throws us a curve ball – a separation, redundancy, a divorce, the death of a loved one, a business failure.

I’ve been there. I know it can be hard to get over those things, and even harder to pick yourself up and create a new life.

I can help you invent “what’s next?” – AND make it happen.

How good could it get?

Ever have the thought: “Is this it? Is this all there is?” Life’s ok; but you want more than “ok”.

What’s important to you? What do you really want out of life? How do you make the space to decide what really matters? And how do you build your life around it?

Maybe you could have it all. How good could it get?

Jonathan always proves to be very insightful, never afraid to deal with issues head on. Prepare to be challenged!

Nigel Major

A very skilled coach, Jonathan entirely tailored his approach to what worked for me as an individual. Extremely generous with his time, he started with helping me to gain a profound and accurate insight into my behaviour, before taking me on a remarkable journey… I am hugely appreciative of Jonathan’s contribution.

Alex Brans

I’ve worked with Jonathan on and off for 20 years. His understanding and compassion always leaves me feeling empowered; he’s unfailingly enthusiastic and exciting to talk to, and he helps me take my ideas and aspirations to the next level. Jonathan’s a great listener and quickly helps me sort out what really matters and what doesn’t. He’s so sharp – there’s no hiding anything from that man – but he is FULL of love.

Jess Brohn

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