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I coach because I love it. It’s creative, it’s fun, it lights me up! It connects me to people in a very deep way. Coaching allows me to give people the gift of changing their lives in ways that matter enormously to them. What could be more satisfying than that?

Past clients have told me that our work together led to them changing careers, getting married, and emigrating to New Zealand (different people!). Others have succeeded in incredibly challenging jobs, or saved their relationships. One client even asked me to help her drop a dress size for her wedding – she did, and she looked (and felt) fabulous!

I coach because I get to see people fall in love with themselves.

I coach because I can touch people’s lives.

As your coach, I promise to support you and challenge you, in equal measure. Support you, because change isn’t easy; if it was, you wouldn’t need a coach! Challenge you, because you’ve already tried what you know; and that hasn’t got you to where you want to be. It’s time for something new.

I’ve been coaching professionally for close to 25 years. I’ve had the pleasure of working with – literally –  thousands of people, to transform their experience of life – their relationships, their work, their self-expression.

It’s about creating a life that works for you, a life that you love.

Jonathan Stanley | JonathanS Personal Coaching

My Story

I grew up just outside London. When I left school, my first job was as a DJ; after that, I spent a year in New York in the film business. The best job I ever had? Delivering Porsches. (The most fun, anyway!)

In my 20s, I moved to New York, wrote a film script about the jazz scene in the 1940s, studied law, fell in love, got married and became a parent. In my early 30s I discovered personal development – and loved it! I couldn’t get enough. It became my passion and eventually my career.

My wife and I divorced after almost 30 years together. After several years alone, I’m now crazy in love again. She’s Spanish – & I’m discovering that all the clichés about love and the passionate Latin temperament are true!

The other love of my life is my extraordinary daughter (she’s MY coach). I’m also a huge jazz fan, and I adore the gym, good wine, great people.

My roots in coaching are with a personal development company called Landmark Education. I trained with them, worked for them and led their personal development programmes for literally thousands of people during the 1990s.

Since then, I’ve had close to 25 years coaching experience, working with people in more than 35 countries either in 1-1 or group coaching programmes.

My approach to coaching is transformational. That means it’s not about incremental change. It’s about causing a complete shift in how you see the issue we’re working on; and when you see things differently, everything changes.

I draw on a number of different approaches, but my work is rooted in existential philosophy, and ontology and phenomenology in particular.

Existential philosophy focuses on the big questions in life! How can I deal with the big challenges life throws at me? What makes life work for a person? What’s important to me? What matters? What do I value? And how can I have my life be about those things?

Ontology is the philosophy of ‘being’. How we’re ‘being’ in life matters, because our being shapes our behaviour, the way others see us, and the way we interact with other people and the world.

Phenomenology is the study of ‘phenomena’ – the way we experience things. And our experience is critical, because we interact with the world as we experience it, not as it ‘really’ is.

I’m a member of the Association for Coaching, and I’m currently studying for an MA in Existential Coaching with the New School of Psychotherapy & Counselling.

Jonathan Stanley | JonathanS Personal Coaching

My Clients Say

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Over the years I’ve worked with all kinds of people, on all kinds of challenges. I’ve gradually come to specialise in three areas.

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About coaching

What is coaching? What’s different about how I coach? How would we actually work together?

Understand More

Jonathan Stanley is a special being whose wisdom is badly needed… Would I grab an opportunity to work with Jonathan again? You bet!

Smita Joshi

I’ve worked with Jonathan on and off for 20 years. His understanding and compassion always leaves me feeling empowered; he’s unfailingly enthusiastic and exciting to talk to, and he helps me take my ideas and aspirations to the next level. Jonathan’s a great listener and quickly helps me sort out what really matters and what doesn’t. He’s so sharp – there’s no hiding anything from that man – but he is FULL of love.

Jess Brohn

A very skilled coach, Jonathan entirely tailored his approach to what worked for me as an individual. Extremely generous with his time, he started with helping me to gain a profound and accurate insight into my behaviour, before taking me on a remarkable journey… I am hugely appreciative of Jonathan’s contribution.

Alex Brans

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