About Coaching

Coaching is a special kind of conversation. We’ll have a creative dialogue that can free you to make the changes in your life that really matter to you.

It’s a partnership. When we work together, I’ll be completely committed to you;  you bring your life to the partnership, and I’ll bring my expertise and experience.

It isn’t about advice, or telling you what you should do. It’s a space for you to think, reflect, and explore. Great coaching is about much more than setting goals and planning how to achieve them.

Coaching is about you. What holds you back in life? How do you sabotage yourself? What’s important to you? What do you value? What does that mean for your life?

But sometimes you don’t know the answers to those questions. So if necessary, I’ll challenge you. We’ll unpick the habits and behaviours that get in your way or take you down the wrong path. You’ll understand the repeating patterns that you know hold you back. We’ll work at a deep personal level to discover the core beliefs and assumptions that shape your view of yourself, other people, & the world. That shape your life.

Real coaching is about more than understanding the situation, more than analysing the problems. It’s about transforming them. Because when you transform them, the extraordinary becomes possible.

How good could it get?

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The Practical Stuff

First step is a ‘getting to know each other’ conversation, to help you decide if you want to work with me. You can ask everything you want to know about me, how we can work together, and coaching in general.

If you decide you’d like me as your coach, we can work face-to-face or online.  Face-to-face is great if you’re in London, although geography means that most of my coaching is online now.

How long our conversations are, and how often we talk, depends on you, and what we’re working on. Typically conversations are scheduled for an hour, and I usually recommend that we talk every 2-4 weeks; but both of those figures are flexible.

At the end of each of our conversations, I’ll give you assignments to work on before our next session. The coaching happens in our conversations, but the action has to happen in your life.

Again, how long we work together is your choice. Realistically, it depends what we’re working on and what you want. Some people have got everything they need in 6-10 sessions; major life-changing situations will usually take longer! And some people just enjoy the ongoing growth & development. One client says “it’s like a workout at the gym – for my mind.  I plan to stay in good shape!”.

About me

Who am I, and why do I coach? Would we work together well? And what’s the best job I ever had?


My Clients Say

What my clients say about working with me.

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About coaching

What is coaching? What’s different about how I coach? How would we actually work together?

Understand More

Jonathan is an excellent coach, and I’ve worked with him over many years. Several times over he has helped me make important personal and professional breakthroughs. He has challenged, supported, and inspired me throughout our sessions in his subtle, impactful way.

Valerie Michie

What was particularly impressive was how you kept driving me to believe I could do more… You made it possible for me to commit to a bigger game, and held my feet to the fire whenever I thought about backing off. That’s what made the difference. Thank you especially for your friendship and believing in me.

Kevin Morgan

Jonathan’s teaching and coaching have proved totally invaluable. Somehow he is able to hold up a mirror so that you can really see what you’re doing and how you’re working. For me, it’s translated into huge leaps in self-belief, becoming unstuck, effective and taking action in creating the life that I want. For that I could not be more grateful.

Iria Lopez

Let’s talk about coaching!

I can answer any questions you have, and you can decide if I’m the right coach for you. Looking forward to talk to you!

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